Britney Spears Gets Glamourous

We really don’t see all that much of Britney Spears anymore, I guess everyone’s finally lost interest in her, so these are a nice treat. We especially don’t see her in an actual photoshoot, with professional cameras and everything, getting a coffee at Starbucks doesn’t count. Here she is in Glamour magazine looking pretty damn good for a one time superstar. I’m assuming someone put in a lot of hours at the air-brushing machine. Or whatever the nerds use to make chicks look even hotter, you know what I mean. Enjoy.
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Britney Spears’ Award Winning Booty

I didn’t watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards last night, I can’t spend four hours watching morons in stupid outfits pat each other on the back for their computer generated singing abilities, so I’m a little surprised by these pictures of Britney Spears. Not because she looks pretty damn good, clean and sober and showing off an amazing little booty…. But because she’s holding a couple of awards. What the hell could she have won? Biggest let down?
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Britney Spears Shows Us Her Good Side

I actually saw some footage of Britney Spears performing on her latest tour and it was incredibly awful, the chick just wanders around stage like a drunken stripper, but I’ve got to say that pictures from the show are a whole other story. Here she is giving us a look at her washed up popstar booty. I’ve seen female chimps do this kind of thing on the nature channel, I think it’s called presenting. Anyhow, without the crappy music and lame dance moves she kinda looks… Alright.
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